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Stainless Steel Conveyor Belt Mesh

Resen provides processors with a new and more efficient option for moving smaller products through operations that require maximum carrying support, but there still needs lightweight, open and easy ways to clean carrying surfaces. This belt was designed specifically to replace many competitive offerings.

Heavy Duty Modular Belting


Your satisfaction, our aim! Increase safety, boost productivity. Get the Edge! 


·Eliminating "zipper effect" tangling when un-rolling or re-rolling;

·Patented design improves flexibility and reduces individual strand stress on the outside edge of the belt;

·No tangling during shipping, storage or installation;

·Diminishes opportunity for conveyor damage caused by edge loop irregularities found in competitors belts;

·Eliminating possibility of snags and tangles when used in a "hold-down" belt application;

·Improving safety, and flexibility, when installed on product placement, shuttle or slider-bed conveyors;

·Lessening opportunity for conveyor to conveyor catching, and tangling, during transfers;

·Allowing belts to run side-by-side without catching or snagging.

mesh belt

We provide the ultimate in product support and at the same time. In addition, our products are designed to outperform, many competitive metal belt offerings that are clunky, heavy, chain driven, and difficult to clean. Wire Belt has engineered this product as a solution for any application where a lightweight is easy to clean and high performance metal conveyor belt is a must.

Resen provides processors with a new and more efficient option for moving smaller products through operations that require maximum carrying support, but there still needs lightweight, open and easy ways to clean carrying surfaces. This belt was designed specifically to replace many competitive offerings.

Improved belt life is a key consideration in the design of this conveyor mesh. Resen provides maximum strength to improve longevity under significant loading. The concept of reduced maintenance costs and fewer replacements over time are truly an integral part of the engineering process for this newest of conveyor belts. In addition, the belt was designed with a simplified splicing operation in mind. The process is a straightforward hook to loop maneuver that allows fast and easy initial installations as well as quick replacements.

If you're looking for a belt that can take the heat, Resen can meet the challenge. If you're transferring product directly from a cooking or baking operation onto a cooling conveyor, Resen wire meshes will optimize your process. Its 70% open surface area and superior flow-through characteristics provide improved convection, and it can help carry heat away from your products at rapid speeds. In addition, it's made of Stainless Steel, so you'll have no worries about its catching fire, drooping, slipping, sagging, or even sweating (accumulating moisture droplets) while cooling your products. Because of its superior flow through (5 times less resistance to flow-through than most plastic modular belts), it is ideal for many operations in the food processing industry, including the following aspects:

· Cooking

· Baking

· Cooling

· Frying

· Draining

· Washing & rinsing

· Freezing (CO2 or N2)

Resen offers a rugged framework and has a flat and supportive, yet open, surface design that makes it the perfect solution in most any high-volume and high output process.

Resen brings you the next level of flexibility and value. It is focused on total cost of ownership bringing efficiency, cleanability, and performance to the forefront of your operations.

Resen Features:

Lighter Weight, Positive Drive , and More Open Surface Area Bring Efficiency to the Highest Level;

Lighter weight than many competitive conveyor belt options;

Resen's positive drive design eliminates expensive and heavy chain edged conveying;

Configurations require less power to drive than many competitive metal belts and providing lower energy consumption in the drive systems!

More open area provides optimum cleanability!

Resen's 70% open area makes it easy to clean and keep clean;

No clean out of place (C.O.P) tanks required;

No “link-barrels” or hinge pins like plastic modular belts;

No double layer woven wire helixes like balanced weave wire belts;

No concealed spaces for product particles to be trapped, no places for pathogens, and no allergens to hide;

Engineered for performance;

Framework designed for optimal product support;

Built for maximum flow through for superior convection;

Ideal for cooking applications like frying and baking;

Designed for high speed cooling and drying operations;

Open surface area allow excellent flow-through and drainage in coating operations;

Designed with total cost in mind;

No complicated, costly tracking systems required as with friction drive belts;

Providing an improved and tighter wrap capability than most friction drive systems for

enhanced conveyor-to-conveyor transfers;

Minimizing chance of product yield loss in high speed operations;

Engineered to outlast other types of conveyor belting in medium duty performance category;

Excellent convection capabilities optimize performance and energy consumption in

cooking and cooling operations;

Straightforward splicing operation to optimise installations and replacements and reducing maintenance time and lowering labour costs.


Special specifications can be produced by the customer's requirements.

plate belt

self-stacking belt

flat wire belt

chain driven belt

balanced weave belt

eye link belt

compound balanced belt

conventional weave belt

spiral conveyor belt

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