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Stainless Steel Wire Mesh
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  • How to Measure Wire Mesh/Cloth

    Coarse Mesh / Wire MeshTo measure wire cloth(woven wire cloth, stainless steel wire cloth, wire cloth screen, wire cloth strainer, industrial wire cloth, metal cloth, wire cloth) properly, the mesh count should be taken in both directions. On coarse meshes (mesh wire, woven wire mesh, wire mesh bask

  • What is Screen Printing

    It would be impossible to imagine our modern world without screen printing. Every day, we come into contact with products that are printed using this process: in our cars, when we play a CD or a DVD, when we make a telephone call, pay with a credit card or operate a keyboard - just to mention a few

  • How to Measure the Quality and the Photos

    Your Assurance of Quality Nowhere will you find a higher standard of quality in wire cloth or fabricated wire cloth parts than those manufactured by Resen 11 Wire Cloth.Our wire cloth inventory meets exacting specifications whether it's the 'general' U.S. government Wire Cloth spec., RR-W-360 or the

  • Conversion Factors

    Conversion FactorsFollowing links assist you in converting factors

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