The usage of stainless steel woven mesh


Stainless steel wire mesh can be used for flood prevention, traffic, building, safe net, infranet, surface wire of water conservancy, and so on. The metal wire mesh is made from stainless steel.

Features: Corrosion resisting, high intensity, compliance.

Classes: Square wire mesh, dense wire mesh, long width wire mesh and allotrope wire mesh.  

We can produce the wire mesh by the customer's requirements. Besides, our factory can make stainless steel lunch box wire mesh, stainless steel coal washing wire mesh, and so on.


Stainless steel wire mesh is made and weaved from SUS302 304 304L 316 316L. It is a kind of deep processing product. The weaving ways include plain weave, twill weave and minigroove. Stainless steel has its own characteristics. Stainless steel wire mesh made from stainless steel has many features, such as, wear-resisting, high intensity, long usage life, accurate mesh, unified structure, non-bending, easy to use, equal sieving thickness, anti-static electricity, anti-acid base, corrosion resisting, acid resisting, high temperature resisting, wear-resisting, and so on. In recent years, stainless steel is widely used as sieving mesh in coal mine, oil, chemical industry, foodstuff, medicine, and machine building, and so on.


Usage: The stainless steel wire mesh is mainly used to sieve and filter the acid and base. It is used as slurry mesh in oil industry, sieving wire mesh in chemical industry and acide wash mesh in electroplating industry. Our stainless steel wire mesh has high hardness and can adapt to outdoor odious environment. They can be used repeatedly and reduce the costs. Stainless steel wire mesh can be used to prevent the riverbank and safeguard the reservoir and rivers in water conservancy project. Sometimes the stainless steel will easily produce the air hole. To solve this problem, we can change the material or use the welding rod with low hydrogen.


The wire mesh will produce the air hole easily if the welding position is not clean. So we need to clean up the smudge (such as oil or rust) before welding. There have stricter requirements on low-hydrogen electrode. Air hole will easily come into being if the back of the electrode becomes red because of high electricity. So we need to take the proper welding standards. The welding electricity is proper if its maximum still make the electrode keep its formal status. The low-hydrogen will easily absorb moisture. So the low-hydrogen should be baked for about 1 hour under 350 before using. Or else the air hole will also easily come out.


The surface or inner air hole will usually come out in the welding position if we use low-hydrogen. To solve this problem, we should strike the arc from the crater. After the electronic arc burns, we should return to the crater and go further after the electronic arc melts. We can also strike the arc at the welding position. Therefore, the air hole will not easily come out.


Stainless steel welded wire mesh will produce air hole when welding. These air holes can be divided into inner air hole, surface air hole and welded air hole. The inner air hole includes two kinds of shapes. One is globular shape appearing the middle part. They may be caused by strong electricity, long electricity arc, fast speed of electrode manipulation, dirty welding positions, soggy electrode, and so on.


On the above paragraphs, we have listed a series of reasons about the production of the air hole. We can solve this problem if we adjust properly and pay attention to the welding methods and operation ways. But the vertical full-length cracks will easily come out under the above conditions.


The solution to this problem: When welding the stainless steel welded wire mesh, we should take proper welding procedure. We can also preheat to soften the hardness if possible.


We should use low-hydrogen and take suitable electricity and welding speed on the super heavy plate or structure with high rigidity. About the cracks caused by the carbon and sulfur, we can preheat the weldment or use low-hydrogen electrode. The hairy small crack and only come out in the metal inner structure. If the welding deposit is melting at high speed, some parts will produce stress or hydrogen. To solve this problem, we can lower the cooling speed, preheat the weldments if possible, or use low-hydrogen electrode.
Special specifications can be produced by the customer's requirements.

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