Wire Cloth Terminology


Wire Cloth Terminology
BOLTING CLOTH: Relatively light wire meshes produced by weaving.Primarily it is used in sifting and screen printing.However, its relatively high Open Area percentage makes it a desirable wire mesh used for many applications.
MARKET GRADE: Wire cloth specifications that are commonly woven and stocked.
MESH: Wire cloth specifications that are commonly woven and stocked.
OFF COUNT: A wire mesh with a greater numbers of wires of per linear inch in one direction - usually warp (vertical).It is also called "Rectangular Mesh".
OPEN AREA: The ratio of the area of the openings to the total area. 
OPENING:  The distance between two parallel and adjacent wires; usually expressed in decimal inches. The theoretical width of an opening refers to the direct function of the mesh count and wire diameter,both of which owning a manufacturing tolerance.

PLAIN WEAVE: Weave pattern where each wire goes alternately the under one, then over each successive wire.
SELVAGE: The edge or border of wire cloth, used to prevent unravelling (versus a raw or cut edge). Types of selvage edges include looped,folded,welded and fine mesh border pattern.
SHUTE WIRES: Wires running across woven cloth, perpendicular to warp wires. Also called "fill" or "weft" wires.
SQUARE MESH: A Wire Mesh with identical numbers of wires per linear inch in both warp (vertical) and shute (horizontal) directions.
TWILL WEAVE: Weave pattern where each wire goes alternately over two wires then under two successive wires. "Herringbone Twill" is a special type, in which the direction of the twilled weave is reversed at regular intervals to produce a striped effect.
WARP WIRES: Wires running the vertical length of woven wire cloth.
WIRE DIAMETER: Normally referring to decimal parts of an inch; a critical factor in a weave's mesh count.



Special specifications can be produced by the customer's requirements.

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