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  • Q What is a "Square Foot" and a "Linear Foot"?

    A A square foot is a unit of measurement of area. A piece of material measuring 12 inches by 12 inches is one square foot. To compute the number of square feet in a piece of wire mesh you multiply its width in feet times its length in feet. For example, a piece of wire mesh 4 feet wide and 3 feet long would be 12 square feet.

    Most wire mesh is priced by the square foot.

    A linear foot is a unit of measurement of length. A piece of material measuring, for example, 3 feet wide by 15 feet long would be 15 linear feet. The same piece of material could be described as 45 square feet; 3 feet wide X 15 linear feet which equals 45 square feet. Note: sometimes the term "running foot is used to mean linear foot".

  • Q Can I receive a catalog?

    Resen no longer publishes a paper catalog. Our website serves as our catalog.
  • Q Can I get a formal quotation?

    A When needed, we can provide you with a formal quote by fax or email.
  • Q Can I cut this mesh myself?

    A In the comments section which accompanies each mesh photo, we state what is needed to cut each mesh to size (scissors, tin snips, etc.)
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