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How to Measure the Quality and the Photos

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Your Assurance of Quality


Nowhere will you find a higher standard of quality in wire cloth or fabricated wire cloth parts than those manufactured by Resen 11 Wire Cloth.

Our wire cloth inventory meets exacting specifications whether it's the 'general' U.S. government Wire Cloth spec., RR-W-360 or the more precise U.S. Standard Sieve Cloth spec., ASTM E11-87 or even an AMS material certification. Our people work with these as well as many other specifications every day. Not only does our raw material inventory meet specific quality levels, our quality assurance inspection team adheres to the guidelines set forth in Mil I 45208A and Mil Std. 45662. We regularly comply with the quality demands of our customers from aerospace, to pharmaceuticals, to automotive, to medical and food everyone turns to Resen11 for quality and accuracy time-and-time again.

Whether your needs involve a corrosion resistant metal, delicate scientific accuracy or the cleanliness of a polished finish for the food industry Resen11's manufacturing, assembly, welding and brazing techniques are all designed to meet your quality requirements.

How to Check Our Quality and the Photos


Space Cloth: With a rule, check the distance from the inner edges of two adjacent, parallel wires.


Coarse Mesh Cloth: Use a rule to count the openings in one linear inch, starting at the center of any wire.


Medium Mesh Cloth: Beginning about 20 mesh, use a counting glass to count the openings per linear inch from wire center to center both horizontally and vertically ( or count openings in 1/4 inch slot and multiply by four).


Wire Diameter: Always check with a micrometer caliper. Measure both Warp and Shute. Use a magnifying glass to see if wires are parallel (both Warp and Shute). Check quality of crimping.


The Application - All service conditions should be known that environment, temperature, and other processing conditions often play a key role in material selection and usually influence the type of wire cloth needed.


Mesh Size, Space Cloth, Filter Cloth, Sieve Cloth or Other - What type of wire cloth? Be sure to specify the number of openings per inch and the opening size or micron rating of the wire cloth you need. In addition, be sure to specify the wire diameter(s) you require. We also need to know the type of weave lain, Twill, Plain Dutch, Twill Dutch, etc.


Width and Length - Wire cloth is available in any width "6", 40", 48" and even 60" are considered standard. A standard roll of wire cloth is 100 feet long. Since wire cloth is a woven product, please remember that the roll length can vary by plus/minus 10%.


If these industry 'standards' don't satisfy your needs, call us. We can custom weave depending on equipment limitations, virtually any width and length is possible.

Metal - Please specify the type of material you require. We can weave wire cloth from any metal or alloy that can be drawn into wire.


Other - This catalog is limited to wire cloth, but many types of weaves available and the multitude of combinations possible demonstrate dearly that there is no linit to what you can expect from Resen11 Wire Cloth.

If you need wire cloth fabricated with different shapes, size or quantity, please contact our experienced sales staff. They are always available to discuss your needs. If additional engineering consultation is required, that can also be arranged. We're here to serve you. Call us at (877) 302-5574 or Fax (201) 483-6315.

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