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Stainless Steel Wire Mesh
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  • Woven Mesh Materials Selection
    Synthetic materials: Polyester - Polyesters may be produced in numerous forms such as high temperatures and it tends to shrink away from flames and self-extinguish upon ignition. Polyester fibers have high tenacity and E-modulus as well as low water absorption and minimal shrinkage in comparison w
  • Terms of Woven Meshes
    Weaving StylesWeave style describes the ways the wires cross over and under each other. There are two common weave styles: plain weave and twill weave.Plain weave: Each wire alternates—first going under one wire, then going over the next wire. Plain weave is the most common weaving style.Twill weave
  • Wire Cloth is available in the following specifications
    Wire Cloth is available in the following specifications:Market GradeU.S. Standard SpecificationFilter Cloth"Tensil Bolt" Bolting ClothSpace ClothMesh ClothFine Wire Cloth1.Market Grade Wire Cloth"Market Grade" wire cloth is a generally accepted industry standard for wire cloth. Simply stated, this d
    Both types of Wire Cloth can be cut, formed and fabricated into various shapes to meet particular requirements or reach specific levels of filtration.Measuring Wire ClothMesh count can be shown as either a whole number, fraction, or as two numbers unless the material is a special cloth called space
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