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Wire Cloth is available in the following specifications

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Wire Cloth is available in the following specifications:

·Market Grade
·U.S. Standard Specification
·Filter Cloth
·"Tensil Bolt" Bolting Cloth
·Space Cloth
·Mesh Cloth
·Fine Wire Cloth

1.Market Grade Wire Cloth

"Market Grade" wire cloth is a generally accepted industry standard for wire cloth. Simply stated, this designation standardizes certain mesh counts and the corresponding wire diameters for a range of specifications from 2 mesh to 635 mesh. The Market Grade specification covers everything from a 1/2" opening down to 20 microns.

Market Grade wire cloth is readily available from stock - off-the-shelf - in most metals, including stainless steel, monel, bronze, copper etc. In addition to the Market Grade Classification, we stock many other wire cloth standards such as twill weave, plain dutch weave, twill double, Dutch weave, stranded double dutch weave, stranded weaves and certain off-count specifications. 
2.U.S. Standard Specifications

We manufacture testing sieves in both the U.S. Standard ASTM E-11 specification and the Market Grade series.Testing Sieves conforming to the ASTM E-11 specification combine the former "course" and "fine" series into one comprehensive listing.

This specification stipulates that sieves having aperture openings one millimeter and larger be identified by the opening size expressed in millimeters, and sieves having an aperture smaller than one millimeter be identified by the opening size expressed in microns.This series were derived from the "Fourth Root of Two" mathematical calculation, as explained in this series' specification table. 

3.Filter Cloth

For pressure, vacuum filters applications. Our products are uniform and consistent. It is flat and free from waviness.The weave will vary with filter operation and aid. Resen weaves all common grades, and most can be calendered to improve cake release and resistance to scraping and rough handling.

4."Tensil Bolt" Bolting Cloth

"Tensil Bolt" is a light-weight grade of wire cloth produced in mesh counts ranging from 16 x 16 mesh through 230 x 230 mesh. This specification uses smaller wire diameters than the Market Grade designation which results in a greater open area for a given mesh.
Our "Tensil Bolt" specification is made of 18-8 Stainless Steel, a tough and durable grade of stainless steel, woven with precision to the highest accuracy and quality standards. And, unlike other synthetic or fabric bolting cloths, "Tensil Bolt" grade is not affected by moisture or temperature.

5.Space Cloth

Wire cloth which is designated by the width, in inches or fractions and the open space between the inside faces of parallel wires of both the warp and shute. 

6.Mesh Cloth

Specified as a number, Mesh Cloth refers to the number of openings in a lineal inch measured from the center of one wire to a point. (If clear openings are required,it refers to the definition of the space.) 

7.Fine Wire Cloth
 Wire Cloth smaller and finer than 100x100 mesh count with openings of .0055.

Special specifications can be produced by the customer's requirements.

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